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Currently under the US law it is not illegal to repackage or resell IPTV. The FCC has held that the IPTV resales do not violate any franchise or exclusivity agreements with cable providers under federal law. Also, if you are reselling broadcasts that are available online streaming on foreign servers as part of your IPTV packaging, courts have held this would not be a violation of the copyright’s laws in the US.

Watching TV content streamed over the internet is legal. However, it is not legal to download or record any material that is copyrighted. Some IPTV services stream content from servers that have recorded the content, and many times the content is copyrighted. Even though you are watching it as it as streamed, at some point it was downloaded to get you the content. TccMP does NOT offer any type of downloaded content such as a movie-on-demand or TV series.

Streamed content, the aggregator of the content that TccMP uses purchases content from the content owners through arrangements known in the industry as “carriage deals”. The rates the aggregator pays for the right to stream this content are determined by a fee scale based on how many customers will be viewing the content and the size of the servers used.

The aggregator is licensed to stream the content through these carriage deals with the various content owners, TccMP does not stream downloaded content which makes TccMP legal.