For Best Result:

The recommended speed needed is 35 Mbps. Please go to  and see what your download speed is

IMPORTANT: Machines sometimes needs a reboot. Your Router, your Device etc. For better streaming you need a router reboot once a week, Clear App/Data Cache once a week it will help the app run much better when cache are cleared and you will get better streaming experience.

Please Google or YouTube “How to clear caches” for more info. 

For Android Devices:  Go to Settings>Apps>TCCmpApp>Clear Data/Cache. 

For FireStick: Go to FireStick settings not envy settings>Applications>Manage Installed Applications>TCCmpApp>Clear Cache.

IMPORTANT: You should clear cache once in a week for better performance.

A small percentage of our customers have internet companies that throttle your internet service during prime hours which will lower your Mbps. We recommend you add a VPN. There is a cost for a VPN but it worth it and still cheaper than cable and satellite. Please see links below to purchase and download. You can try it for a few days to see if it makes a difference.

Get VPN here

VPN instructions for FireTV/Stick:

VPN instructions for IOS:

VPN instructions for Mac:

VPN instructions for Windows:

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