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Yes, you need Internet. An internet service that is different than DSL. DSL usually is too slow. Our service requires less speed than most streaming options, thus using less of your data.

For Mobile Devices: The speed received by most portable devices like smartphones or tablets is fast enough as long as you are receiving 4g speed. When you get in an area that your provider cuts your speed, your streaming quality goes down. As long as you get what you are paying for with high speed mobile data, you should play beautifully.

For Home Smart TV’s, PC or Mac: We run nicely on 15, beautifully on 35. Which means the plan for internet service is best to purchase a 50-70 speed. The reason for that is at high volume peak times, most internet providers only provide you with about half of what is possible. The more users, the less data available; which slows the speed. As long as your internet service is other than DSL, we should run beautiful. When you find yourself in peak time; IF you experience buffering, we have built in an option to change the viewing psi to accommodate the high usage. This keeps your picture looking nice and running smoothly.